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As per Sasthras, Brahmasthithi is the topmost and final stage in spirituality. According to Sri Adhi Shankara, a Brahmavarishtan (Avathoothar) would either be like a child or mentally affected or haunted. It is rare to have all the features described in Sasthras. That too, it is rarest to be like Poondi Mahan, who was hailed as 'Samrat'.

Once Kanchi Maha Periyavar Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi Swamigal, who was worshipped by thousands as God in human form, said, "we are like bulbs. But Poondi Swami is like transmitter. These bulbs will not glow unless that transmitter is switched on." The Kanchi Sankaracharya would become happy if anyone speak about Poondi Swami or tell Him that they met Him. "Let us pray for the blessings of Poondi Swami," He said once.

He (Poondi Swami) is the topmost", said Sri Gnanananda Swami, when He was askeed about Poondi Swami. Likewise, Sri Sankarananda Swami, Sri Poornananda swami (Salem), Sri Padha Swami (Brindavanam), Sri Kirupananda Variyar and others had the darshan of Poondi Swami.

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New moon day pooja

In most beliefs Amavasya is not auspicious. It is the day when the evil spirits are stronger. Tantra is mostly performed on an Amavasya day. The evil spirits are free on this day. This is more of the contribution that movies have made. But ...

Poondi Mahan Guru Pooja

Matru devobhava , pitru devobhava, Acharya Devobhava is what our Vedic texts say. Meaning that the after mother and father itís the teacher who must be worshipped. A teacher must be respected and treated as an equivalent to God. In Sanatana ...

Pournami Pooja

During Purnima, people observe a fast throughout the day. The Purnima fast begins early in the morning and ends by seeing the Moon. On the day of Full Moon or Poornima, people worship Lord Vishnu in various forms and Avatars. As per the Vedas, ...

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Temple Opening Time 05.00 AM
Abhishekam 09.30 AM
Maha Magalarthi 10.00 AM
Prasadam Distribution 10.15 AM
Temple Closing Time 01.00 PM
Temple Opening Time 03.00 PM
Evening Pooja and Magalaarthi 06.00 PM
Temple Closing Time 08.30 PM

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