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As per Sasthras, Brahmasthithi is the topmost and final stage in spirituality. According to Sri Adhi Shankara, a Brahmavarishtan (Avathoothar) would either be like a child or mentally affected or haunted. It is rare to have all the features described in Sasthras. That too, it is rarest to be like Poondi Mahan, who was hailed as 'Samrat'.

Once Kanchi Maha Periyavar Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi Swamigal, who was worshipped by thousands as God in human form, said, "we are like bulbs. But Poondi Swami is like transmitter. These bulbs will not glow unless that transmitter is switched on." The Kanchi Sankaracharya would become happy if anyone speak about Poondi Swami or tell Him that they met Him. "Let us pray for the blessings of Poondi Swami," He said once.

He (Poondi Swami) is the topmost", said Sri Gnanananda Swami, when He was askeed about Poondi Swami. Likewise, Sri Sankarananda Swami, Sri Poornananda swami (Salem), Sri Padha Swami (Brindavanam), Sri Kirupananda Variyar and others had the darshan of Poondi Swami.

In 1935, Poondi Swami was found by people in Kalasapakkam (located 20 kms from Thiruvannamalai). He was roaming here and there and appeared like mentally disturbed. His physique and gait showed him like a former military officer. He would stay in the Kaakangarai Vinayakar temple, a dilapidated mosque or in the Drowpathi Amman temple in the area.

He was wearing a long shirt, which covered till His knee. He never removed it. Even if someone gives Him a new shirt, He would wear it over the old shirt. His pockets would be full of waste papers, cigarette stubs and empty cigarette packets. He would never ask anything from anyone.

Even for food and water, someone had to feed Him like a child. He would smoke only if someone lighted a cigarette and offered it to Him. Since He did not take bath, He would be ugly and flies would sit on him. But He never cared for anything.

If He starts walking, he would walk for miles. And if He sits down, He would be same position for weeks and months together. No one could guess when would He walk, when would He sit, where would He be and what would He do. And no one knew from where did He come from, what was His native, who were His parents etc. No one saw Him chanting the name of God or delivering a spiritual lecture.

Initially, the people of Kalasapakkam thought Him insane. Only after an incident they realised His power. Once, when Poondi Swami was sitting on the banks of Cheyyar river, huge floods hit the area. Everybody thought that fhe floods would have washed Him away.

But to their surprise, they found Swami sitting calm in the same position.They just removed the sand that was sticking on to Him, and He was back to normalcy. This made them realise that He was a Maha Siddha. The word about Poondi Swami spread all over. People started calling him 'Aatru Swami' (River Swami).

Later, devotees erected a pandal for Swami, near a graveyard close to the river. Swami stayed there for three years. In 1959, he came to a main road in Poondi and sat on the verendah (thinnai) of a house. He did not raise from that place till he attained Jeeva Samadhi in 1978.

Poondi Swami was a standing example for what was mentioned as Ajakaravastha in sasthras. Swami would intake tea or fruits or other eatables only if someone feeds Him. No matter how many feed him in whatever quantity, He would consume all of them. It was a wonder that what would all the stuff become in His stomach. And if someone gives any eatable in His hand, He would neither intake it nor give it back as prasadam.

Rather, He would keep it on the floor. Slowly, offerings made to Swami occupied the whole verandah and filled another verandah nearby too. Later, the owner of the house offered the property to Swami. But Poondi Swami never went inside the house, He would sit in the verandah (3 feet breadth and 6 feet length) only.

Swami's devotees would put their offerings into the room close to the verandah. Eatables such as fruits and snacks etc would lie in the room for years. They would dry, but they never spread any foul smell. Swami would lie on the floor (to take rest) only if devotees make Him do so. Again He would raise and sit only on the request of devotees. Devotees would cleanse Him daily like a kid.

He would reciprocate if someone talks to him. He would give brief reply to devotees' questions. His answers would reflect the mood of the devotees. If someone speaks to Him in a polite way, His reply would be so. And if someone speaks to Him in a rightful way, His answer too would be in the same way. As per Sasthrams, Swami's heart is like a mirror and it reflected devotees.

He stood testimony to what was told by great sages like Ramana Maharishi. He was like Ajakaravastha as described in Avadhoothageethai and Ashtavakrageethai. He was divine and pure. His dharbar was open to all, all the time.

Sitting on a main road, it was like he was sharing his divine knowledge to those in streets and lanes. There was no hurdle between Him and His devotees. They can meet Him anytime. And it would be unable to collect the divine experiences underwent by His devotees, since the number runs into thousands.

Once Sri Sai Baba said about his Guru: "I rendered my heartfelt services to my Guru for more than 12 years. I imposed on myself a rigorous task for His service. He would not raise from his place for any of His need, even for nature's call. Since He was in anthanishtai, he would not be aware of body and mind. So He would intake food and attend nature's call from His place itself. I would change His dress, clean His place and feed Him."

These words of Sai Baba about His Guru fit well to Poondi Swami. Once when a Sai devotee showed Sai Baba's photo to Swami, He said with all affection, "Sai Baba is good-hearted. Worship Him."

hree days before He attained Samadhi, Swami told His ardent devotee Sri Subramanian that he would go to the north to fulfill His duties and to inform some 'persons' before coming back to Poondi and settling there. Two days after that, Swami told Subramanian that he informed 18 Sidhdha Purushars. From the next day (November 3, 1978) morning (from 9 am), His breath came down gradually.

After 15 minutes, Swami left His body in a calm state. Though there was no sign for rain, heavy rain lashed the area for three days after Swami attained Samadhi. So devotees could not keep His body in Samadhi for three days.This enabled devotees from far-off places to come to Poondi and to have His darshan, as the news spread through radio. Later, Swami was made Samadhi near the veranda where He used to sit. During those three days, a glow could be seen around Swami's body. It did not decompose, and there wasn't any foul smell.

In 1974, I had the opportunity of performing deekshai for one month at the Sannadhi of Sri Poondi Swami. After that also, I had His darshan many times. Quoting puranams, Bhagawan Ramana Maharishi had said that the 30 mile surrounding of Thiruvannamalai is Arunachalateja zone and one Jeevan Mukthar would be present there in physical form all the time. Who is the present Muktha Purushar in the area?

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